Interesting and easy yo understand facts about the nuclear spectrum.

Nuclear Layperson

A radioactive syringe used for a PET scan. Radioactive Syringe – Thirteen of Clubs (Flickr)

There seems to be an unwritten rule in the pro-nuclear corner of the internet that you do not talk about nuclear weapons in the same breath as energy production. Any pro-nuclear professional who links the two will be offered words of caution from their more wary peers, who go out of their way to avoid referring to nuclear weapons at all. Which makes sense, of course; if we want people to think positively about us and the services we offer we should of course talk mostly about the good that we do.

So we should really be talking more about medicine.

I’ve used this chart before, but it’s such an important point: the medical industry accounts for 14 times more radiation than the energy industry.

Pie chart on sources of radiation Image by WNA

This stunned me at first, but it makes sense. Nuclear workers have plenty of…

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